Large Size Industry FDM/ FFF 3d Printer 600x600x800mm


Large Size Industry FDM/ FFF 3d Printer 600x600x800mm

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Large print size industry 3d printer machine 600x600x800mm

Model L8-600 FDM 3d printer

Print size 600x600x800mm

Extruder Qty single nozzle

Filament diameter 1.75mm

Print speed 10~150mm/s

Layer thickness 0.05~0.3mm

Connection USB2.0/ U disk/ SD card

Screen 7.0” color touch screen

Multi-language operation English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese

File format STL/ OBJ/ Gcode

Slicer software Cura, Simplify3D, Repettier-HOST

Special function Continue to print after a power failure, filament checking sensor, change filament during a print, pause print, auto-leveling.

Consumables PLA, TPU, HIPS, ABS, PC, Nylon PA, Carbon Fiber, TPE, Flexible, etc.

Maximum print temp 280°C

Heatable print platform 120°C

China industry 3d printer 600*600*800mm

Optional Print Nozzle

There are different diameter of the print nozzle 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm

To print small parts, that’s better to use a 0.4mm brass nozzle. While big parts to use 1.0 or 1.2mm nozzle.

However the bigger nozzle you use, the surface of the printed part not good enough as a result.

large size FFF 3d printer 600x600x800mm

Continue to Operate after Power Failure

During 3d printing, it’s indeed a headache problem of power failure, especially the large part printing. Once any unexpected power off, it’s a destruction of the printed part. In the L8-600 industry 3d printer, there is a function to help you continue printing after a power failure, which is much helpful.

FDM industry 3d printer 600*600*800mm

PA/ Nylon Industry 3d printer

L8 series adopts a new industrial sealed chassis design. And there is a hot air constant temperature system in the case, which helps print each layer of material with higher integration. As a result, the strength of the model can reach a higher level after forming.

In order to print good quality ABS, Nylon part, the factory add a constant temperature device, which can be heated to 60°C, with power 1600W. Using this heating chamber, parts can stick well on the platform and NO WARPING.

high temperature industry 3d printer

L8-600 3d printer is well packed by the factory, use the ply-wood crate, which is quite strong, and ensure the safe shipment to you.

PA Nylon Industry 3d printer

Additional information

Weight 172 kg
Dimensions 103 × 95 × 163 cm


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