1.75mm 3d Printer PEEK Filament


1.75mm 3d Printer PEEK Filament

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  • 3D Printer PEEK Filament
  • 1.75mm Diameter
  • Weight 250 grams/ roll
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High-Temperature 1.75mm dia 3d printing peek filament

3d printer peek filament description

1. Printing temperature sets 400-450 degrees.
2. Bed temperature sets 90-120 degrees.
3. Diameter:1.75mm,
4. Tolerance:±0.03mm.
5. Color: Natural color
6. Application: Car, Medical, Food, Aerospace, Electron


1. Extremely high melting point (343°C)
2. Better wear and abrasion properties than titanium and steel
3. Chemically inert and biocompatible
4. Useful for aerospace, automotive, oil & gas industries
5. 70 percent less weight than most technical metals

Creatbot peek 3d printer filament

Nowadays peek 3d printing is much popular. We have received many RFQ from clients asking about how to print peek material. In fact, to print peek filament, there are many skills. Importantly, there is a need to make sure the 3d printing peek filament is dry. The material has strong water absorption. When not in use, be sure to keep it sealed. Before print, that’s better to put the peek filament into the oven for hours, and ensure it is dry enough.

Usually when you use 3d printing peek filament for a test, please use a slow speed @15~30mm/s. If speed is fast, filament does not melt enough, so the extrusion would be not good. After all, peek has too high a melt point.

Furthermore, there is a need to close the cooling fan which blows the printed model. Otherwise, PEEK layers do not stick strong.

When you finish the peek 3d printing on the printer, please pull out the peek filament, and keep it sealed away from water. If not, the nozzle would be blocked by the residual material. And when you want to start a new printing, it’s better to clean the nozzle, and have an extrusion test, to make sure nozzle unblocked.

If still not clear about the peek 3d printing, please feel free to contact our team for help. You will get a reply within 24 hours.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


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