3d printers war: Modix Big60 vs. Creatbot D600 Pro

3d printers war: Modix Big60 vs. Creatbot D600 Pro

Why do we talk about this topic? Because there are many potential clients asking such a question. So let’s start the simple battle, by getting the boring stuff out of the way. Nowadays large size 3d printer is much critical, and many people like to use Creatbot D600 pro to print industry models.

Obviously, Modix Big60 and Creatbot D600 Pro both are quite good quality 3d printers on the market, and both support large size printing volume 600x600x600mm. Furthermore, Modix, as well as Creatbot, have proven to be great ones as heavyweight contestants. Coincidentally, both machines came into being in 2016. They are defined as a large size 3d printer.

If you have not heard about any, we think it is worth stating here that the Modix Big60 and Creatbot D600 Pro are industrial grades 3d printers. And they may not be familiar to the hobbyists who create more for fun than for commercial reasons. Both 3d printers are much popular in-company use, because of their big print volume.

Appearance and Design

Getting a new package and unboxing its contents is one of the small joys everyone derives in purchasing new things. So let’s take a look. Modix Big60 comes in the base kit, single print head, while Creatbot D600 Pro in a fully-assembled state. For Creatbot D600 pro, you only need to take several simple steps to remove fixed blocks on the guide rail and start the print test. And for Modix Big60, you will spend hours or even 1-2 days to assemble it. D600 pro is a better choice unless you are a professional engineer who is interested to do the assembling.

Highlighted Features of large size 3d printer

Both Modix Big60 and Creatbot D600 pro are at the top of the pile, and they have many highlighted features to consider. Comparison chart below for reference.

Large scale Creatbot 3d printer
Modix Big60Creatbot D600 pro
Print Size(XYZ)600x600x660mm600x600x600mm
TechnologyFused Depositing Modeling (FDM)Fused Depositing Modeling (FDM)
(closed enclosure add-on US$800)
Fully enclosedAn enclosed printer is neccesary print large parts, or high temperature materials like ABS and PC (avoid warping)
Print headSingle
(secondary print head add-on US$400)
Print temp.270°C
(upgrade hotend to 500°C max US$100)
(260°C&420°C hotend installed, and two spare hotend, FREE)
Heat ChamberNOYES
(max.temperature 70°C)
Filament Dia1.75mm1.75mm
Open filamentYESYES
Nozzle Dia0.4, 0.6 & 0.8 mm0.4mm (0.3/ 0.5/ 0.6/ 0.8/ 1.0mm)
ExtruderDirect driveDirect drive
XY Position accuracy10 μm5.08 μm
Z Position accuracy0.5 μm1.25 μm
Axis motorsMT-1705HS200AXY servo motors with gear reduction
Print bed6.35mm thick, Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum plateBorosilicate glass bed
Bed Max temp.120°C100°C
Bed LevelingBltouch probe 100 pointsAuto leveling 25 points
AssembleSelf Assembly KitFully Assembled
User Interface7” Touch screen Web console4.3” color touch screen
Filament Drying roomNOYES
(45°C &65°C optional)
Filament Run-out sensorYESYES
Outage restoredNOYES
(save data when power is off)
Automatic shut-downNOYES
(turn off the power automatically when printing is complete)
(Casters add-on US$100)
YESthe casters will allow you to move the printer around with ease. The casters have adjustable leveling to easily adjust the balance of your printer and reduce vibrations.
Emergency SwitchNOYES
Air FilterNO
(external air-filter device add-on US$1000)
HEPA air filter sytem
ConnectionSD Card/ USBU Disk/ USB
Machine size906x1060x1356mm915x845x1085mm
Shipping Weight120KG165KG


Above all information, do you still have any further questions or doubts? If yes, no problem, please feel free to contact our service team. We would like to help you out with the problem.

Here we come to the end of today’s 3d printers war between Modix Big60 and Creatbot D600 pro. After comparing the features of both, it’s clear that they both are high-end 3d printers, which are capable of providing users with industrial-grade precision and quality. When you make a choice, you can depend on what you intend to accomplish. No matter which one you choose finally, enjoy your 3d printing.

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